monte olinger
acrylic + mixed media paintings

Monte has always been intrigued by people and all the things that make people unique.  Their individual experiences, courage, determination, pain, plight.   So complex on one hand and at the same time so very simple.

It was no surprise that in college Monte studied and degreed in Anthropology, as an expression of his fascination with humanity.  It was, however, a bit of a surprise that he was ultimately drawn in a different direction which culminated in Monte becoming an interior designer, in response to his restless artistic nature.  Through it all, Monte's sketch pad had been his constant companion.

Monte believes that an artist is compelled to create and explore.  That to improve and grow as an artist requires effort and discipline. Inspiration will manifest itself along the way from time to time.  Be ready to embrace it.

Monte's artwork has been featured in gallery shows throughout the U.S. and his are collected both nationally and internationally.

blackbird art group 

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