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represents acclaimed Florida artists whose works is publicly and privately 

owned throughout the United States and over the globe. 

We specialize in providing a wide range of fine art and commissioned art to design firms, 

interior designers, hotels, corporations, medical facilities, private interests 

and others seeking exemplary and unique works of fine art.

jeff league

encaustic + mixed media

Florida artist Jeff League explores the possibilities of photography on canvas.  His recent work combines fine art photography with the rare medium of encaustic painting (bee’s wax and resin, with and without pigment) a medium originally used by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.  League’s perception of this material is compatible with his subject of exploration – myth and nature.

Jeff League is a visual storyteller.  He uses an involved process to cultivate distinctive visual compositions, built upon layers of expanding and saturated pigments, dreamlike textures, and haunting silhouettes. With this, he is exploring painting, surface texture, and size that he could not in his previous Polaroid or black and white photography.  Drawing inspiration from archetypal imagery with mythical references, he uses crows in many of his pieces, alluding to their role as messengers in Greek mythology.

Today, League’s crows are messengers to the modern audience – telling us – warning us about what we are doing to the environment.  He keeps the imagery simple with abstract color painting or ancient maps in the background and archetypal imagery in the forefront.

Jeff League’s work is displayed in galleries and private collections across the United States, and has been exhibited at the Museum of Florida Art, Orlando Museum of Art, and the Austrian Super Circuit, in Linz, Austria.  Polaroid Corporation has selected his photography for their permanent collection.