blackbird art group 

represents acclaimed Florida artists whose works is publicly and privately 

owned throughout the United States and over the globe. 

We specialize in providing a wide range of fine art and commissioned art to design firms, 

interior designers, hotels, corporations, medical facilities, private interests 

and others seeking exemplary and unique works of fine art.

what is blackbird art group?

blackbird art group is a boutique art firm specializing in custom artwork for interior designers and interior design firms.  we also have many original works available for immediate needs.

whether your clients are residential, commercial, hospitality or healthcare...  we have the experience of creating original custom pieces for all of these environments.

to best serve the designer and their client's needs, blackbird art group provides:

a customized meeting to determine the clients goals and the artwork best highlighting the desires and needs of the client

a review of plans for the space or a walk through of the space

determining the art budget for the design project

consideration of lighting and other site specific issues


to meet with blackbird art group or for more 
information please contact:

meridith olinger @  407 748 7181